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Hi lovelies. Thanks for waiting on this much delayed faves post, but here I am! October really flew by, and I def lost track of days. The nights are longer, leaves are browner, and Brenny is feelin’ lower.

I’ve been thinking a lot, and realized I don’t want the majority of my favourites posts to be materialistic. So, I’ll be adding more personal things that have really resonated with me during the upcoming months 🙂

Anyways, no need for a long intro – LETS GET TO IT.

Wella T18 Toner

I’ve been trying to save money at the salon by toning my bleached hair at home. This toner gets rid of the brassy orange colour I never look forward to after several washes.

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Lightest Ash Blonde, $7.49 @ Sally’s

I follow the instructions and mix it with 2 parts 20 volume developer, and one part of the toner above. Then I spend about half an hour in my washroom watching Netflix, while trying not to stain the sink. FUN.

I tone my hair every 3-4 weeks depending if I’m lazy or nah.

ION Colour Deep Conditioner

I bought this on a whim at the register since it was on sale. It smells amazing, and my bleached hair almost felt virgin after leaving this on during the shower. One single-pack gives me about three uses!

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2 for $4 @ Sally’s

Unspeakable Things – Laurie Penny

I can’t even begin to describe how angry, motivated, proud, disgusted, and educated I felt from reading this book. I’m currently taking a gender, media and technology course (CCT340 if anyone is in my program) and this book was one of the few selected for an assignment.

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Sex, Lies, and Revolution.

I can’t urge you enough to give this book a read – it doesn’t matter what sex, gender, class, culture, or ethnicity you identify as – Penny does a fantastic job in being relatable, even if you’ve never experienced it yourself.

Mad Men

Oh man. Ohhhhh man.

So many friends have recommended this show to me, and after hearing it was 7 seasons long, I obviously hesitated. They all said the show reminded them of me since I’m studying communications and aspire to work in an advertising agency after I graduate.


Your Netflix & Chill sessions are about to change.

I decided to start the show in October and I’m already on season 5. Mad Men takes place in the 1960’s where racism and sexism is still prevalent. Not only does this show stress me out, but I gain perspective on the skewed industry of advertising and feel involved in each character’s lives.

Please watch if you haven’t already. Srsly.


Obv I didn’t forget about the best part of October – Halloweeeeeeeen!

At first, I had no idea what I wanted to be, since I’m broke and don’t want to pay over $40 for a costume. So, I ended up creating a DIY costume for sailor moon in under $5. I mean, I’m already blonde and Asian so half the costume is already done.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I already owned a navy dress, and layered it with a white v-neck top. The big red bow is from the holiday section at Dollarama, and for some reason I owned a pair of knee-high red socks. The red bow came in a pack of two, so I took the fabric from the second bow and cut up a choker, gluing a moon to the front.

Originally, the glow-in-the-dark wand I purchased from the dollar store had a butterfly, so I took cardboard and traced a crescent moon shape. Then I stuck it onto yellow construction paper, and taped the crap out of it onto my wand.

My hair is looped into two sailor moon buns, and VOILA!!!

Thanks again for the read, and look forward to a few more posts in the upcoming weeks!

❤ Bren


One thought on “OCT 2016 FAVES

  1. Aw Brenda, I teared up while reading this. I’ve been feeling a lil’ blue lately too… It doesn’t help when my dad gives me advice on how to deal with my acne ugh. Dad, firstly, I had more important things to worry about till you made me self conscious about my apparently socially unacceptable acne, and secondly, you’re no doctor!!! Stop. Anyway, sending you any positive energy I have left at this time haha 😘


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