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Words n’ Burgs

If you’re stuck in writer’s block (or just too lazy to start), find some creative spark within a friend who shares similar passions.

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2017 is just around the corner (and unfortunately so are classes). For the past two weeks, I’ve been working full-time during the holidays stressing about the little things like impatient crowds and delayed subways. Now that I’ve had time to recollect myself, I needed a kickstart into the new year.

Today, I met up with my good friend – and fantastic writer – Paige to work on our novels for the last semester in our undergrad.

Both of us are double majoring in Communications and Professional Writing, where we have the opportunity to publish a book based on a compilation of personal, non-fiction narrative stories.

For those of you interested, the course code is WRI420 (Making a Book), and this course is the reason I decided to major in writing at UofT. I highly recommend anyone in school (regardless of where you go) to take a few writing classes because it’s crucial learning how to eloquently phrase your thoughts within any field.

To be quite honest, I dreaded our meet-up because I felt extremely unprepared. Before we enter the semester we are expected to have all our stories already written and revised.

Paige and I met up at Starbucks in Etobicoke (yasss Etobz), sipping caffeinated dranks and laughing about failed relationships. We read, edited and criticized each others works.

My favourite thing about being a writing major is the value of intimacy and freedom of expression we share without judgement. There’s a type of unspoken connection writers have, being able to enjoy each others works and getting a glimpse into their lives without seeming too nosy. Everyone loves sharing their story, and what better way is through words?

Three hours FLEW by, and now we each have a outline of what our novels are going to feature (yay).

Then, we decided to grab some burgers at Apache. To set the bar, Apache Burger is known as one of the best burger joints in Etobicoke, and both of us shamefully admit that we have never paid a visit before. Being the cultured Torontonian-writers we are, Paige and I tried it out.

It’s safe to say we’re glad we experienced it together.

I’m excited and anxious to see where we end up with our novels, but to whoever is reading this: look forward to our book launch party in June 2017!!! Y’all are invited!

Stay tuned.

❤ Bren



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